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Denso's self supporting moulding compounds for irregular surfaces, such as flanges and couplings, used in conjunction with petrolatum tape or wax tape systems.  They provide a smooth profile to minimal prepared surfaces (SSPC SP 2-3) and contain no VOC’s. Water, acid or salts from the environment do not affect Denso’s sealing and moulding mastics.

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Denso Profiling Mastic - Petrolatum moulding mastic
Petrolatum mastic used to provide a smooth profile on irregular shaped fittings such as flanged joints and valves. It is a cold applied self-supporting petrolatum moulding compound.

Densyl Mastic - Petrolatum moulding and filler mastic
Petrolatum mastic used for sealing, filling, and caulking applications where a protective, waterproof and non-setting mastic is required. It is a petrolatum moulding compound containing inert fillers and fibers.

Denso Mastic - Molding and Filler Mastic
Denso Mastic is a cold applied self-supporting mastic. It is a petrolatum compound containing inert siliceous fillers and vegetable fibers.

Densyl Mastic Blankets - Pre-formed moulding mastic
Preformed sheets of Densyl Mastic supported by a Densyl Tape backing.

Denso Manhole Sealing Grease - Sealing, waterproofing and seizure prevention
A non-freezing sealing grease compound specifically designed to ease the opening and removal of manhole covers from frame lip surfaces. Consists of water-proof blend of lithium-based greases, base oils and inert siliceous fillers.

Denso Void Filler - Injectable petrolatum compound
A petrolatum compound specifically formulated for cold or hot injections into voids.  The void filler is pumped into voids occurring between pipes, cables, ducts and protective sleeves to exclude air and water.

Densoseal 16A Mastic - Polybutene Based with Water Displacing Agents
A non-setting, self-supporting mastic which may be applied to wet surfaces and is designed to withstand high service temperatures including seal ducts and conduits against ingress of gas and water.

Denso HB80 High Strength Repair Mortar - High Strength, High Build Shrinkage Compensated Structural Repair Mortar
Denso HB80 is designed to be used for vertical or horizontal applications. Denso HB80 has high ultimate compressive strength and high abrasion resistance.

Desno HB80 Primer - High Performance Epoxy Binder System
Denso HB80 Primer is a two-part, solvent-free epoxy resin binder system to be used prior to application of Denso HB80 High Strength Mortar.