Denso Mastic Blankets

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Pre-Formed Moulding Mastic

Denso Mastic Blankets will mold around and conform to irregular shapes. Densyl Mastic Blankets are easily applied by hand and will mold around irregular shapes for corrosion protection. Mastic blankets provide excellent sealing properties. Mastic blankets will adhere to metal, PVC, polyethylene and concrete.

Uses and Applications

Densyl Mastic Blankets are used to contour flanges, couplings, valves and irregular surfaces. It is applied prior to the tape application and generally used in conjunction with primer, Denso Petrolatum Tapes or Denso Bituminous Tapes.

Denso Mastic Blankets can easily be applied by hand.   Mastic blanket is not effected by water, acids and salts.