Denso Australia completes Butyl tape system training in PNG

Posted on April 4th, 2018 by editor

Denso Australia recently attended a site in Port Moresby PNG at the PEAL (Pacific Energy Aviation Limited) Erima Tank Facility to complete training on the Denso S43/R23 Butyl tape system.   This is a new section of hydrant fuel pipes on the edge of the tarmac at Jackson International Airport- the main entry point into the often diverse and picturesque Papua New Guinea.

Richard and Paul from Denso Australia arrived to a humid welcome after recent rains, but the 30+°C temperature soon dried things out, allowing them to train seven JLE employees in the correct application technique for the Denso S43/R23 Butyl tape system using the tape wrapping machines.  Four replica field joints with weld beads were prepared at the site for training, and the attendees were shown the correct techniques in priming, mastic, inner wrapping and outer wrapping of the field joints.

Once wrapping of the field joints was completed, a visual inspection of the field joint was undertaken whereafter the pipe was successfully holiday tested before signing off on a great training session.

This is stage one of upgrades at the facility, and the local response was so good that Denso will be involved in progressive works.