Denso Australia staff gain Plastic Welding qualifications

Eight Denso Australia staff members were recently awarded with Certificates of Attainment in PMBWELD309B Weld Plastic Using Extrusion Techniques, following training under the expert advice and instruction of Polysmart & Fusion Hire Services.

The 6-hour training course conducted at Denso’s new Campbellfield site involved practising different welding techniques, giving Denso workers a better understanding of further requirements to improve their Plastic Welding skills.

Workers had to complete an online theory course prior to commencing the training, and a score of 100% had to be achieved to attain the qualification and to be certified in Plastic Welding for the manufacture of Denso’s Seashield 2000FD jackets.

Everyone was successful, and they were presented with their certificates, an ID card and a Metal Stamp with their ID number.

This stamp is now used by the workers welding jackets and is pressed into the hot plastic weld on completion of a weld.  Every 2000FD jacket has a stamp on each side relating to the individual who completed the weld. This is for traceability for QA purposes should a problem occur and holds the employee more accountable for the quality of their work.

Denso workers were very appreciative of the opportunity to gain his accreditation and improve their skills.


Denso Australia staff receive Premier Heat Shrink Sleeves training from Vogelsang GmbH.

Denso (Australia) Pty Ltd recently hosted Dirk Rohmann and Ole Willms of Vogelsang GmbH (Germany) to carry out detailed training on our new range of Premier Heat Shrink Sleeves, manufactured and supplied by Vogelsang GmbH.

The Premier Sleeves offer cutting-edge technology suitable for both the water and gas markets with features such as self-repair characteristics, Butyl Rubber based adhesive, thermal indicator, high mechanical stability and low water vapour permeability.

The three-day training program was well received by the entire Denso sales team enabling them to further enhance their application skills of the Premier Shrink Sleeves and ensure they have a sound technical understanding of the features and benefits the new range of sleeves exhibit.



Corrosion Prevention System training for Shuk New Zealand

Denso recently held a training day for Shuk, Denso’s National Distributor in New Zealand, at LEP Engineering in Auckland.  Amongst the attendees were Shuk’s regional BDM’s and General Manager.

The morning involved a run-through of Denso’s distributor catalogue and an in-depth explanation of each product and its intended application.  Using an existing template, Shuk representatives applied Multi-Purpose Primer and Denso Mastic which allowed Denso Tape to be spirally wrapped with a 55% overlap.

To complete the system, both Sirex Aluminium Tape and PVC Outerwrap were applied, providing the template with total corrosion protection.

The day was a big success and gave the BDM’s hands-on experience, further improving their knowledge and understanding of Denso’s corrosion prevention systems.



Seashield 100 series continues to protect Port of Townsville.

Denso Australia continues to play a vital role in the ongoing expansion of North Queensland’s Port of Townsville facility having recently provided training to Civil Plus, the successful contractor on the Berth 4 project involving 168 piles at 457 and 610mm diameters.

Denso Australia worked with design engineers to continue with the 100 series in this busy shipping precinct protected from offshore conditions by Magnetic Island and the surrounding Great Barrier Reef as well as high rock sea walls in the inner harbour basin.

Having completed many projects with Denso Australia in the past, this training mostly served as a refresher course for the capable Civil Plus team.

The laydown yard was handily set up with 4 piles on plates enabling the wrapping of the 100 series on the stability of dry land.  These 4 piles showed varying levels of corrosion on the shop applied coated steel piles from many years on land in a coastal environment.

The Port of Townsville also has various industrial occupants including Puma and Queensland Sugar Limited whose assets have been protected by Denso Australia.



Denso Australia completes Butyl tape system training in PNG

Denso Australia recently attended a site in Port Moresby PNG at the PEAL (Pacific Energy Aviation Limited) Erima Tank Facility to complete training on the Denso S43/R23 Butyl tape system.   This is a new section of hydrant fuel pipes on the edge of the tarmac at Jackson International Airport- the main entry point into the often diverse and picturesque Papua New Guinea.

Richard and Paul from Denso Australia arrived to a humid welcome after recent rains, but the 30+°C temperature soon dried things out, allowing them to train seven JLE employees in the correct application technique for the Denso S43/R23 Butyl tape system using the tape wrapping machines.  Four replica field joints with weld beads were prepared at the site for training, and the attendees were shown the correct techniques in priming, mastic, inner wrapping and outer wrapping of the field joints.

Once wrapping of the field joints was completed, a visual inspection of the field joint was undertaken whereafter the pipe was successfully holiday tested before signing off on a great training session.

This is stage one of upgrades at the facility, and the local response was so good that Denso will be involved in progressive works.




SeaShield Projects and Capability Statement

Attached is a list of key projects demonstrating the use of  SeaShield products across different environments, highlighting the key features and benefits of our range and how they have been applied.  Our SeaShield range has been designed to cater for all marine conditions and can be applied on concrete, steel, and timber structures to combat corrosion and provide a cost-effective long-term solution.

Please click here SeaShield Projects to view the lastest projects using SeaShield product range.

Media releases and announcements

We are pleased to announce that Denso Australia has officially registered with the
Australian Made campaign by endorsing 32 of our products as ‘Australian Made’. To know more go to: Denso Australia joins the Australian Made Campaign

Winn & Coales International (Denso Australia Pty Ltd) is proud to announce the acquisition of Petro
Coating Systems Pty Ltd (PCS) effective 1 April, 2015. To know more go to: Denso Australia buys up PCS




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Darwin Beer Can Regatta

In mid July Darwin hosts an annual event that is very apt for the Northern Territory named the Darwin Beer Can Regatta. This is an event where different groups are required to construct a boat made out of beer cans and a short and extremely fun filled race is held.

This year Denso Australia had the opportunity to sponsor the Largest boat in the Regattta, The ”GROGMONSTA” The Grogmonsta was constructed with approximately 35,000 beers cans that were sealed and stuck together. And this is where we come in…… Denso Aluminium Sirex tape was selected as the tape of choice and some 200 rolls were donated.

Approx. 18,000 people attended with a gold coin donation for entry.   Some $40,000 was raised and selected community organisations were handed sums of money to help with their cause. This ranged from Breast Cancer to Child abuse and Victims of crime.

The award of largest and best boat was given to the Grogmonsta and her crew but unfortunately was not able to enter the event as it was powered by a 140hp outboard engine.

Many tourists flocked to the Grogmonsta to view its awesome construction. On board were Kegs of beer, an outside BBQ , lavatory and numerous Eskies.

This was a very successful event and we look forward to contributing next year.

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