Liquid Coatings for Pipeline – Protal

Liquid Coatings for Pipeline -Protal

Denso Waterproofing Systems

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Premseal 100 – For internal & external tanking
Premseal 450 – For bridges, car parks & trafficked structures –
Premseal Sylbond FB150- For new flats, parapets & box gutters
Premseal Tilesafe – For balconies, bath/showers & tiled areas
Waterproof Membrane Approvals

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SeaShield Demonstration Day Western Australia

Denso Australia in conjunction with Seaforce Marine hosted a very successful and exciting Technical Demonstration Day in Perth Western Australia on Friday the 30th of November 2012.

The demonstration showcased application techniques focused on timber and steel pile wharf structures and methods of remediation using the following systems.

SeaShield Series 60 Timber Pile System
SeaShield Series 80 Systems
SeaShield Series 100 Jackets
SeaShield Series 400
SeaShield Series 2000FD Jackets
SeaShield Series 500

News ! Denso External Joint Seal Solution

Tank Base Corrosion ? Problem Solved !

Fiji Nadarivatu Renewable Energy Project (Sinohydro)


Sinohydro Dam Wall

Internal surfaces of the water pipes were coated with Denso ST Epoxy


Pipe in Position


Picturesque Fiji blessed with 332 magnificent islands, most with beautiful sandy white beaches, swaying coconut trees and pristine oceans is the scene for one of Denso Australia’s most recent projects.

Fiji, located in the tropical South Pacific, is situated on the International Date Line. On one of the islands (Tavueni), you can actually stand in a place where one foot is in the current day and the other foot in the day before. Fiji has a population of approximately half a million people the majority of whom either work in the Sugar or Tourism industries. Until the mid 19th century, the practice of eating one’s enemy was an accepted and honoured tradition so, if war had been declared, the Fijians would be sharpening their knives (and their forks)! Fiji is not only a holiday haven it is home to one of the world’s best Rugby Union teams and to golfer Vijay Singh.

Far from the white sandy beaches in the green lush highlands, the Fijian government is building a Hydroelectricity Station for which Denso provided products.  External and internal products were supplied to protect the 1.6km made up of 2250mmØ & 1600mmØ fresh water pipe.

The pipe was grit blasted to Sa2½ (with a blast profile of 50 – 70µm) externally and internally, the internals having a minimum blast profile of 65µm which was strictly adhered to. The first application was to stripe coat all weld seams using light grey Denso ST Epoxy (which has Potable Water Approval to AS/NZ 4020). This was followed by a full coat of the ST Epoxy at DFT of 250µm and allowed to cure. The second application was another stripe coat to all the weld seams and then a further full coat of the ST Epoxy in white at a minimum of 250µm DFT, achieving a total DFT of 500 – 600µm.

The external of the pipe was then coated with Primer D that was roller applied to a 50µm DFT then wrapped with Densopol 80 HT Tape with a 55% overlap.

Training and Inspection visits have been carried out by Denso on 3 separate occasions and we can report the project is going well and our products are certainly looking sensational!

It’s been 30 years and Series 80 is a 100% success!

Fremantle Port Authority engaged Seaforce Marine to remove and replace some existing SeaShield 80 steel pile protection systems which had been in service for 31 years.

As part of the scope of works Seaforce were asked to conduct Ultrasonic Thickness Testing on the pile walls.

The results indicate that after 31 years of service in the Inner Harbour the pile has achieved a 0% metal loss with no visible pitting.

The Seashield 80 system comprises of

  • SeaShield Primer spread at a rate of 1m² per kilo
  • SeaShield Seal T Tape spirally applied with a 55% overlap
  • Denso Densopol 80 reinforced PVC backed Bitumen Tape spirally applied with a 55% overlap

Pile after Series 80 removed

Just a Drop in the Ocean for Denso – 40 Years of Worldwide SeaShield Marine Pile Protection and Still Going Strong.

Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd are very proud to announce in 2011 that their Denso SeaShield marine pile protection systems have now been effectively working in some of the most harsh and demanding environments on the planet for over forty years.

This is no small achievement and Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd can now officially rank these systems in the same league as other enduring Denso products, some of which have now been in service for over 80 years.

Anyone who has used Denso products will know that they are not in the business of supplying temporary fixes to corrosion prevention problems and pride themselves on providing long-term, cost effective solutions. The SeaShield range of systems have been developed with this purpose in mind.

The Seashield range of systems have been developed to protect marine structures where corrosion is a major problem in splash zones, inter-tidal and subsea environments and the difficult area where the jetty pile meets the jetty platform. These areas are extremely vulnerable due to the constantly changing mixture of air, temperature and chloride laden water; all of which are the perfect mixture for severe corrosion. The result of this will cause structures to become unsafe over time and extremely costly to repair.

SeaShield Systems now have a 40 year proven track record, providing totally effective protection for steel, wood and concrete jetty piles in highly corrosive environments. This long term protection is achievable irrespective of cylindrical, hexagonal or square structure designs.

The company, originally established in 1883, is well known for the reliability, efficiency and longevity of its products and has built an enviable reputation based on problem solving for its customers. Apart from the UK, they also have subsidiaries in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa as well as a global network of over 70 agents making the products available virtually anywhere in the world.

Seashield Series 100

Seashield Series 100

Seashield Series 2000FD

Well it’s a horse of course!

When one thinks of Denso Tape, you think of brown, greasy tape and ‘putty’ that you wrap around metal objects to stop them rusting. Well move over Dr Chris Brown (Vet) and welcome our Manufacturing Manager – Horse Dr!

A recent enquiry saw our Manufacturing Manager looking for a solution to a problem well outside the scope of what we do here. Denso was approached by a Horse Breeder as to whether we could assist in the recovery of a breeding mare up in Queensland, whose hoof was infected. The hoof needed to be kept dry while it healed and the mare’s owner was not having a great deal of success. A building worker on site recommended the mare’s owner should contact Denso as we might have a possible solution!

After 40 years of complex situations requiring a Denso Sealing Solution, our Manufacturing Manager had a challenge and he realised that Denso Tape could actually do the job. Using an old application technique he has been using for years for keeping air and moisture away from fibre glass insulation pipelines, he recommended the following to the owner:

  • Bandage hoof as normal
  • Wrap plastic wrap around the bandage
  • Wrap Denso Tape around the hoof (thicker side inwards)
  • Rewrap over the top again with plastic wrap or duct tape or both

This procedure was followed to the letter and we are pleased to report the system worked well and the hoof healed. We were thanked for our great service and touted as having an excellent product in Denso Tape which they would gladly use again!

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