Seashield 100 series continues to protect Port of Townsville.

Posted on May 1st, 2018 by editor

Denso Australia continues to play a vital role in the ongoing expansion of North Queensland’s Port of Townsville facility having recently provided training to Civil Plus, the successful contractor on the Berth 4 project involving 168 piles at 457 and 610mm diameters.

Denso Australia worked with design engineers to continue with the 100 series in this busy shipping precinct protected from offshore conditions by Magnetic Island and the surrounding Great Barrier Reef as well as high rock sea walls in the inner harbour basin.

Having completed many projects with Denso Australia in the past, this training mostly served as a refresher course for the capable Civil Plus team.

The laydown yard was handily set up with 4 piles on plates enabling the wrapping of the 100 series on the stability of dry land.  These 4 piles showed varying levels of corrosion on the shop applied coated steel piles from many years on land in a coastal environment.

The Port of Townsville also has various industrial occupants including Puma and Queensland Sugar Limited whose assets have been protected by Denso Australia.