Corrosion Prevention System Training for Shuk New Zealand

Posted May 22, 2018

Denso recently held a training day for Shuk, Denso’s National Distributor in New Zealand, at LEP Engineering in Auckland. Amongst the attendees were Shuk’s regional BDM’s and General Manager.

The morning involved a run-through of Denso’s distributor catalogue and an in-depth explanation of each product and its intended application. Using an existing template, Shuk representatives applied Multi-Purpose Primer and Denso Mastic which allowed Denso Tape to be spirally wrapped with a 55% overlap.

To complete the system, both Sirex Aluminium Tape and PVC Outerwrap were applied, providing the template with total corrosion protection.

The day was a big success and gave the BDM’s hands-on experience, further improving their knowledge and understanding of Denso’s corrosion prevention systems.

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