Denso Australia Staff Receive Premier Heat Shrink Sleeves Training From Vogelsang GmbH

Posted June 22, 2018

Denso (Australia) Pty Ltd recently hosted Dirk Rohmann and Ole Willms of Vogelsang GmbH (Germany) to carry out detailed training on our new range of Premier Heat Shrink Sleeves, manufactured and supplied by Vogelsang GmbH.

The Premier Sleeves offer cutting-edge technology suitable for both the water and gas markets with features such as self-repair characteristics, Butyl Rubber based adhesive, thermal indicator, high mechanical stability and low water vapour permeability.

To complete the system, both Sirex Aluminium Tape and PVC Outerwrap were applied, providing the template with total corrosion protection.

The three-day training program was well received by the entire Denso sales team enabling them to further enhance their application skills of the Premier Shrink Sleeves and ensure they have a sound technical understanding of the features and benefits the new range of sleeves exhibit.

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