Denso Hotline Tape

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High Temperature Petrolatum Tape

Denso Hotline tape is formulated for use in high temperature applications. A synthetic fabric fully impregnated with a special blend of high temperature petrolatum compound. No downtime after applying Hotline Wax Tape. Immediate service after application. Corrosion protection of pipes, flanges, valves and related surfaces. Service temperature up to 230°F (110°C).

Uses and Applications

Denso Hotline Tape is specifically developed tape for use in high temperature applications. Ideal for pipe work above or below ground, underneath pipe insulation or for pipes laid in concrete. Petrolatum tapes are also commonly referred to as wax tape or grease tape.

Denso hotline tape has a service temperature of 230 degrees.   Denso Hotline tape being applied by tape roller method.   Cooling tower structural beam corrosion protection with Denso Hi-Tack Tape.