Denso Marine Piling Tape

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Marine Petrolatum Tape with HDPE Backing

Denso marine petrolatum tape protects timber piles, steel piles and concrete piles. Piling tape is not effected by water, acid, salts or soil organics. Great for protecting timber, steel and concrete piles. Denso marine piling tape used to protect large diameter steel piles. Denso Marine Piling Tape does not require a primer to be applied.

Uses and Applications

Denso Marine Piling Tapes are designed to be used without primer to protect dry, wet or submerged surfaces. The tapes provide long term protection to pipes, pilings, risers, flanges, valves and related surfaces. When applied in the splash zone, the tape shall be protected with a specified SeaShield outer cover.

Denso marine piling tape can conform to any pile shape.   Denso‚Äôs marine wax tape protecting a timber pile.   Marine piling tape can be easily applied underwater.