Denso ST Epoxy

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Surface Tolerant Liquid Coating

Denso ST Epoxy provides excellent exterior protection.
Denso ST Epoxy is a two pack, high solids fast drying epoxy coating for application directly onto wire brushed rusty steel substrates to SSPC-SP2/3. Its good penetration and adhesive properties ensure excellent protection in long term exterior exposure.

Uses and Applications

Used wherever steel grit blasting is not possible. Denso ST Epoxy can be used alone or in combination with other topcoats for long term exposure to water in applications such as: structural steel, pipe externals, pipe racks, tanks, offshore platforms, locks, gates, and bridges.

Denso ST Epoxy being hand applied.   Denso ST Epoxy provides good flexibility, hardness and adhesion.   Denso ST Epoxy has good impact resistance.