Protal ARO

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Abrasion Resistant Pipeline Coating

Protal ARO is formulated to be applied over FBE. Protal ARO is a VOC free, 100% solids liquid epoxy coating formulated to be applied over FBE as an ARO coating (abrasion resistant overlay). Protal ARO provides excellent gouge and abrasion resistance. Excellent gouge and abrasion resistance that has great adhesion to FBE and Protal 7200.

Uses and Applications

Used to protect FBE mainline coatings for directional drilling, bores, river crossings and other rough terrain applications. Protal ARO can be used to provide additional protection to the coating on bends, fittings and fabrication when severe handling or rough terrain persist.

Protal ARO pipeline coating can be applied in the field.   Protal ARO being sprayed applied.   Protal ARO is also a high temperature resistance pipeline coating.