Protal Air Cartridge Gun (1000 ml)

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New Protal Air Cartridge Gun (1000 ml)

New 1000 ml cartridge allows you to spray longer. Uses 1000 ml cartridges of Protal 7200 so you can spray longer. Airflow and Pressure control at your fingertips. Amazing control of airflow and fluid pressure right at your fingertips.

Uses and Applications

Denso Australia has introduced their new design in spray cartridge guns, the new Protal Air Cartridge Gun (1000 ml), with some big improvements from its predecessor. As the name implies, you can now spray 1000 ml cartridges instead of the previous 400 ml cartridges. This allows you to spray longer and complete the job faster without having to replace the cartridge as often as before. It was designed for use with fast and easy setup, minimal material waste and minimal equipment maintenance. We also brought amazing functionality of controlling airflow and fluid pressure right at your fingertips to give you more precise control. Additionally, the spray gun includes a swivel handle and optional shoulder s trap to provide comfort so you can spray all day.

New airflow control.   Simple connections with Protal Air Cartridge Gun.   New fluid pressure control.