Denso Bore-Wrap®

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Field Applied Abrasion Resistant Outerwrap (ARO)

Denso Glass Outerwrap requires minimal surface preparation to apply. Designed to protect coatings in HCA's and has the most exhaustive testing of any product in the market today. Denso glass outerwrap being applied over petrolatum tape for mechanical protection. Denso Bore-Wrap have circumferential fibers to resist shear forces.

Uses and Applications

Field-applied ARO. Minimizes the need for spot repairs or re-pulling pipe from damage, while providing the best mechanical protection of the underlying field-joint and/or mainline coatings.

Denso Glass outerwrap is a fiberglass injected cloth.   Denso glass outerwrap being applied over wax tape for mechanical protection.   Mechanical protection to petrolatum tapes and wax tapes to protect from backfills.