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Custom Fabricated Fiberglass Jackets

Fiber-Form jackets protecting pilings. SeaShield Fiber-Form Jacket is a custom fabricated fiberglass jacket to structurally restore and protect concrete, timber, and steel piles. Denso Fiber-Forms protecting timber piles. Structurally repaired timber piles with rebar, concrete and translucent SeaShield Fiber-Form fiberglass jackets. The jackets can be manufactured to be translucent or gel coated to a color.

Uses and Applications

The Fiber-Form Jacket is of the highest quality construction to meet Engineering Specifications to withstand hostile marine environments. The Fiber-Form Jacket can be removed or stay in place to protect and extend the life of the restored pile.

Concrete Pile fitted with Denso Fiber-Form before being injected with grout.   Denso Fiber-Forms can be designed to fit most custom shapes.   Injecting grout within Fiber-Forms.