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Polyester Glass Flake Coating

Offshore rig protected with Denso Rigspray coating. Denso Rigspray can be used on offshore rigs and structures to protect areas subjected to high corrosion. Denso Rigspray one coat polyester glass flake coating. The one-coat glass flake reinforced polyester coating which can be applied by airless spray to achieve a dry film thickness of 30 - 40 mils in a single coat.

Uses and Applications

Designed specifically for the long-term protection of steel structures exposed to corrosive marine environments. It is ideally suited for the use in the oil industry on offshore structures in areas such as splash zones, under deck areas and riser pipes.

Denso Rigspray protects areas subjected to high corrosion.   Denso Rigspray being sprayed applied.   Denso Rigspray can be coated up to 30 to 40 mils in a single coat.