SeaShield Series 100

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Steel, Concrete and Timber Pile Protection

Denso SeaShield Series 100 can fit around irregular shapes. The components of the Series 100 System can be applied under water with minimal surface preparation. Denso SeaShield Series 100 protects steel, concrete and timber piles. The system is ideal for environments where conditions are too severe for paint systems, epoxies and other conventional forms of protection.

Uses and Applications

The Series 100 encapsulates wharf piles, riser pipes and exposed piping in splash and intertidal zones. It accommodates piles with cylindrical and H-Pile configurations, as well as support members, bracing, brackets and other irregular surfaces.

Denso SeaShield Series 100 prevents spalling and corrosion of steel and concrete piles.   Denso SeaShield Series 100 provides high impact resistance in aggressive enviroments.   Denso SeaShield Series 100 provides splash zone protection.