SeaShield Series 400

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Timber Pile Rehabilitation

Denso SeaShield Series 400 provides high impact resistance of timber piles. Provides double the strength to the original timber pile. It also provides UV and high impact resistance to the pile. Denso SeaShield Series 400 doubles the strength of timber piles - tested at Texas A & M. Independently tested by Texas A&M University’s Department of Civil Engineering.

Uses and Applications

The SeaShield Series 400 System is comprised of the SeaShield Fiber-Form Jacket, C-GRID 450 and SeaShield 510UW Grout or 550 Epoxy Grout. It is a revolutionary encapsulation system that protects and strengthens timber piles that are in aggressive saltwater environments by providing lightweight and durable non-corrosion reinforcement.

Denso SeaShield Series 400 uses non corrosive reinforcement.   Denso SeaShield Series 400 reinforcements less weight than traditional steel reinforcement.   Denso SeaShield Series 400 can be installed underwater.