SeaShield 550

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Encapsulation and Repair Grout

Denso SeaShield 550 is epoxy grout designed for underwater application. SeaShield 550 Epoxy Grout is designed for underwater application. Because of its relatively long pot life, it is easy to handle yet still provides high early strength. Denso SeaShield 550 can be pumped under water. 3-component water displacing epoxy resin/aggregate formulation which provides a durable, well bonded repair to concrete, timber and steel below water.

Uses and Applications

It can either be placed by pouring into forms or pumped into place and is typically used for rebuilding piers, jetties and barrier walls. It is also very effective for chemical anchoring of bolts and anchors in rails, equipment bases and other structural applications.

Denso SeaShield 550 is water displacing epoxy resin.   Denso SeaShield 550 used for rebuilding piers, jetties and barrier walls.   Denso SeaShield 550 has a long pot life and easy to handle.