It’s been 30 years and Series 80 is a 100% success!

Posted on January 16th, 2012 by editor

Fremantle Port Authority engaged Seaforce Marine to remove and replace some existing SeaShield 80 steel pile protection systems which had been in service for 31 years.

As part of the scope of works Seaforce were asked to conduct Ultrasonic Thickness Testing on the pile walls.

The results indicate that after 31 years of service in the Inner Harbour the pile has achieved a 0% metal loss with no visible pitting.

The Seashield 80 system comprises of

  • SeaShield Primer spread at a rate of 1m² per kilo
  • SeaShield Seal T Tape spirally applied with a 55% overlap
  • Denso Densopol 80 reinforced PVC backed Bitumen Tape spirally applied with a 55% overlap

Pile after Series 80 removed