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Premier Shrink Sleeves

A high quality range of butyl rubber shrink sleeves for the protection of welded pipe joints and repair of damaged factory coatings in pipeline construction. The sleeves are available in several thicknesses.

All Premier Heat Shrink Sleeves are fully compatible with polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane, epoxy, and bitumen coatings. Systems that do not require a primer are available.

All Premier Heat Shrink Sleeves have a thermal indicator to assist in achieving the correct temperatures. The entire surface of the sleeve is covered in a ribbed texture which becomes smooth when heated to the correct temperature that activates shrinking and bonding to the pipe surface. This makes it very easy to see and remedy any parts of the sleeve that have not been heated correctly.

– High-quality field joint coating
– Mechanically protective backing
– Provides proven corrosion prevention
– Thermal indicator ensures correct application
– Compatible with most common pipe coatings
– Screen reader support enabled.

Heat Shrink Sleeve Product Range

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