Well it’s a horse of course!

Posted on September 29th, 2011 by editor

When one thinks of Denso Tape, you think of brown, greasy tape and ‘putty’ that you wrap around metal objects to stop them rusting. Well move over Dr Chris Brown (Vet) and welcome our Manufacturing Manager – Horse Dr!

A recent enquiry saw our Manufacturing Manager looking for a solution to a problem well outside the scope of what we do here. Denso was approached by a Horse Breeder as to whether we could assist in the recovery of a breeding mare up in Queensland, whose hoof was infected. The hoof needed to be kept dry while it healed and the mare’s owner was not having a great deal of success. A building worker on site recommended the mare’s owner should contact Denso as we might have a possible solution!

After 40 years of complex situations requiring a Denso Sealing Solution, our Manufacturing Manager had a challenge and he realised that Denso Tape could actually do the job. Using an old application technique he has been using for years for keeping air and moisture away from fibre glass insulation pipelines, he recommended the following to the owner:

  • Bandage hoof as normal
  • Wrap plastic wrap around the bandage
  • Wrap Denso Tape around the hoof (thicker side inwards)
  • Rewrap over the top again with plastic wrap or duct tape or both

This procedure was followed to the letter and we are pleased to report the system worked well and the hoof healed. We were thanked for our great service and touted as having an excellent product in Denso Tape which they would gladly use again!