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Above Ground Fuel Line Wrapping


Project Data

LocationSouth East Queensland
ProductsViscotaq XHT with Densoglass UV Outerwrap

WRAP Resources Australia have completed the first application of Viscotaq in Australia since the company’s acquisition by Denso Australia. The protected assets are a side-by-side pair fuel lines, 24” (609.6mm) and 8” (203.2mm) in diameter. 

Viscotaq XHT was selected as the preferred coating solution due to its unparalleled stability and high service temperature tolerance whilst Densoglass UV was applied as a robust, temperature tolerant outerwrap that can provide long-term durability and protection of the Viscotaq XHT beneath it. 

The Viscotaq XHT was applied in accordance with the Viscotaq Application Manual enabling minimal surface preparation and very labour-efficient application. 

Once applied, the visco-elastic coating conforms to itself, creating an impermeable, overlap-free continuous layer of protection. This was then sealed by Denso’s UV resistant Densoglass – a fiberglass cloth impregnated with a water-activated aliphatic polyurethane resin which is part of Denso’s core range of UV tolerant outer wraps. 

Following completion of the installation, the asset owner has ensured that an important strategic asset is being actively protected by a long-term, high quality, maintenance-free visco-elastic coating.