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Apartment Balcony Waterproofing


Project Data

LocationAuckland, New Zealand
Asset OwnerWithheld
ProductsViscoWrap ST, Viscotaq™ EZ Wrap, ViscoSealant, ViscoMastic

WRAP Resources New Zealand have completed the first waterproofing application of Viscotaqin New Zealand since the company’s acquisition by Winn & Coales International Ltd. Viscotaq was selected to waterproof 35 balconies in Auckland. Contractors on site received training and accreditation which facilitated a high standard of workmanship. Four Viscotaq products were used on the project including ViscoWrap ST, ViscotaqEZ Wrap, ViscoSealant & ViscoMastic.

The first stage of application involved the use of ViscoSealant & ViscoMastic which are an amorphous, semi-solid, highly conformable sealant/mastic that offers excellent corrosion prevention and waterproofing properties. In this instance the contractor used both products to provide a seal between joins on the balcony’s extremities.

Following this, VicscoWrap ST was applied over the top. ViscoWrap ST has excellent adhesion and permanent wetting characteristics which also acts as an impermeable barrier to moisture. It is labour efficient and can be cut and configured to address delicate corners and surfaces.

Viscotaq EZ Wrap was the final stage of installation and was used over the top of ViscoWrap ST which allowed the contractor to apply an acrylic topcoat. This project serves as a fantastic example of the capabilities of Denso’s Viscotaq range. The owners of the apartments have peace of mind knowing their balconies are 100% waterproof and they can enjoy Auckland’s dazzling skyline for many years to come.