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Appleton Dock Wharf Refurbishment

Subsea & Splash Zone Coatings

Project Data

LocationAppleton Dock Wharf, Port of Melbourne, VIC
ClientPort of Melbourne Corporation
ProductsSeaShield Series 70™ and SeaShield Series 400™ Systems

A local Victorian maritime consultant specified the use of Denso’s SeaShield™ Marine Systems for the refurbishment of Appleton Dock Wharf in the Port of Melbourne. 

Following a request for tenders, the Port of Melbourne Corporation awarded the contract for material supply, and the SeaShield Series 70™ preventative wraps and SeaShield Series 400™ strengthening system were installed over a six month period from January to June, 2019. 

With the continuous operation of general cargo ships, the installation proved no easy feat but Neptune Marine Services and Freyssinet who were engaged by the Port of Melbourne to undertake the installation were able to deliver a successful project on time. 

The Denso SeaShield™ systems will provide preservation and restoration to new and old piles well beyond the expected design life of 20 years.