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Bolivar Steel Pipeline Application

Buried Coatings

Project Data

LocationBolivar, South Australia
Asset OwnerWithheld
ProductsDenso Bore-Wrap™, Protal 7700™

In December 2022, Denso Australia completed supply of a project involving the protection of 400 lineal metres of DN250 mild steel pipeline in Bolivar, South Australia.

The field joints for the DN250 FBE coated pipeline were prepared to SA 2.5 (abrasive blast clean) prior to the contractor applying Protal 7700™ (rapid cure, high build epoxy) as the Field Joint Coating (FJC)  at a nominal Dry Film Thickness (DFT) of 1000 microns via airless spray guns from 1000ml cartridges.

Following the inspection for both the mainline coating and field joint coating, Denso Bore-Wrap™ was applied on site in a 2-layer system to protect against the abrasion, impact, gouging and shearing impacts which are to be expected when undertaking Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) installations.

Denso Bore-Wrap™ is designed to protect the underlying corrosion system and work efficiently with the cathodic protection system as it is a non-shielding Abrasion Resistant Outerwrap (ARO).

The ease of application for both the Protal & Bore-Wrap products contributed greatly to cost savings in labour and QA. In addition, the successful application of these products has assured that both the client’s asset as well as the corrosion coating are protected long-term through the rigours of the HDD installation.