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Bridge Crossing Corrosion Protection in SA

Exposed Surface Coatings

Project Data

Asset OwnerWithheld
ProductsDenso MP Primer, Denso Tape™, Denso™ PVC SA Overwrap Tape, Denso Glass Outerwrap UV

Project Details

Completed in early December 2023, the following project involves the protection of an above-ground pipe in South Australia.

The original pipe was installed in 1972 and has a diameter of 22 inches and a length of approximately 30m. Located at a bridge crossing, the pipe is subject to tidal immersion and requires a corrosion protection system that includes a UV-stable component and an additional mechanical impact barrier.

The application process began with surface preparation of the pipe using ultra-high pressure water cleaning. Next, the contractors applied Denso MP Primer followed by Denso Tape™ applied with a 55% overlap covering the existing liquid coating. On this occasion, no profiling mastic was required for the project as there were no irregularities with the surface being protected.

The Denso Tape was over-wrapped with Denso™ PVC SA Overwrap Tape using a 55% overlap to increase surface tension of the underlying corrosion prevention system and to prevent petrolatum bleed through. Finally Denso Glass Outerwrap UV was applied for UV and mechanical stability. The system was then wrapped in blue compression film to allow the glass outerwrap to set prior to being removed once the glass had cured.