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Canal Rocks Boat Ramp and Jetty

Subsea & Splash Zone Coatings

Project Data

LocationCanal Rocks, Yallingup, WA
Asset OwnerWithheld
ProductsSeaShield Series 70™

In February 2021, Denso’s SeaShield 70System was chosen as the best solution for protecting piles at the Canal Rocks Boat Ramp and Jetty. The project involved 11 piles, each of which had a 406 CHS (Circular Hollow Section) and required a 2m wrap length.

These piles are situated in a location which is subject to heavy swells and as such, a major consideration for this project was that the chosen system would need to be robust enough to handle the extreme weather conditions encountered.

By using Denso’s Glass Outerwrap UV(a key component of the SeaShield 70 System), a tough, homogenised, outer-armouring has been formed around the piles thus ensuring they are capable of withstanding the forces generated by the Southern Ocean for many years to come.