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Cornwallis Wharf Refurbishment

Subsea & Splash Zone Coatings

Project Data

LocationCornwallis Wharf, Auckland
ClientAuckland Council
ProductsSeaShield Series 70™

The Cornwallis timber wharf in Auckland was constructed in 1926. One year later it was extended to 193m to make it useable at all tidal ranges. It was a safe landing space for passengers travelling the Manukau Harbour to and from Onehunga. 

The wharf was sold to the Auckland Regional Council many years later for $1 NZD and was condemned for demolition in 1994 due to the lack of maintenance and upkeep. 

In 1999 the wharf was rebuilt to 193m and has recently had new timber piles driven to support the deck. 

Auckland Council were impressed with the SeaShield 70™ systems’ success in the Australian market and agreed to wrap all 83 timber piles with a range in diameter of between 350mm- 650mm from the deck to beneath seabed.