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Fitzroy Island Fender Bracket Performance 2008-2020

Subsea & Splash Zone Coatings

Project Data

LocationFitzroy Island - Far North Queensland
Asset OwnerWithheld
ProductsSeaShield™ Series 100 System

Fitzroy Island is a popular tourist destination for holiday makers in Far North Queensland. Its jetty is the central point of focus for any goods, employees or tourists arriving or departing the island on commerical and private vessels as well as watercraft. 

Ten of the jetty’s outer piles (a mixture of 356mm OD and 457mm OD) had the Denso SeaShield™ Series 100 system installed in 2008 and inspection of the infrastructure identified that the system was due for replacement. Removal of the 2008 system revealed excellent pile condition with previous repair work markings on the piles as fresh as the day they were made when the marine piling tape was removed – a testament to the performance of the previous system. 

This was an excellent example of Series 100 System performance in a tropical water environment.