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Large Capacity Water Tanks

Exposed Surface Coatings

Project Data

LocationWhyalla, South Australia
ClientSA Water
ProductsDenso Petrolatum Tape
DateApprox. 50 years ago

Project Details

In the late 60’s, SA Water built large capacity water tanks as storage and head of pressure for Whyalla and the surrounding suburbs. 

The design of these tanks incorporated a roller system to allow for both thermal and pressure related expansion and contraction. The rollers were set into the concrete and after some 50 years of service the concrete surrounding the rollers has carbonated which has caused the concrete to fail. The concrete areas required to be repaired in order to reinstate the structural integrity of the tank wall. 

Upon inspection it was noted that the rollers had been protected using the Denso petrolatum system. The petrolatum tape was removed to inspect the condition of the steel. The steel under the petrolatum tape was still in perfect condition. In fact, the original stamp used by the SA Water inspector was still clearly visible. This is a testament that the Denso Petrolatum tape was still protecting the steel structure some 50 years down the track. 

The Denso tape has been reinstated using Denso Hi-Tack tape with an Elastomeric topcoat. This updated system should enable the steel to live out the life of the concrete tank and continue to protect it well into the future.