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Lucinda Jetty

Subsea & Splash Zone Coatings

Project Data

LocationLucinda, Queensland
Asset OwnerPort of Townsville
ProductsSeaShield Series 100™, SeaShield™ 550 Epoxy Grout

The ‘Little’ Jetty at Lucinda was built in 1958 and runs to a length of 210m. The infrastructure is no longer in use as an operational asset but it remains popular with the local community as a fishing platform and the Port of Townsville decided to invest $1.2million in an upgrade to safeguard its structural integrity. 

Many of the 66 piles that were treated required welded steel doubler plates around the upper part of the piles so it was determined that the SeaShield™ Series 100 System would be most effective in offering corrosion protection of the piles. 

In addition to the pile protection, Denso’s Technical Representative worked with the successful contractor to develop a system to protect the pile cap and headstock. This involved creating a waterproof seal using butyl products and ‘locking in’ that product with Denso 550 Epoxy Grout using fit-for-purpose forms. 

The successful contractor were trained in the application of the system on site and support continued throughout the delivery phase of the project. 

The end result has been a very effective one and the combination of headstock and pile protection will ensure that a regional attraction remains in use and continues to attract visitors and locals to cast a line in search of a big one.