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Minns Road

Buried Coatings

Project Data

LocationGeelong, Victoria
Asset OwnerWithheld
ProductsViscoMastic, ViscoWrap ST, Denso Primer D™, Densopol 60HT, Denso™ PVC Outerwrap

In January 2023, Denso was selected by a local Geelong contractor to provide an engineered solution for their important clients, Greater Western Water. Denso’s solution was to protect a SUMP Assembly as well as a MSCL (Mild Steel Cement Line) Pipe. Training and support for the overall project was overseen by our Victorian Business Manager, Kyle Fortune.

The SUMP Assembly began with careful surface preparation of the steel followed by a field ‘peel test’ of the ViscoWrap ST. This test is completed as a prequalification to confirm whether the surface cleanliness has been prepared to the respective standard.

Following this, ViscoMastic was applied around the flange area of the SUMP Assembly. The ViscoMastic acts as a contour to allow ViscoWrap ST to be applied without any voids or air pockets at the flange face. ViscoWrap ST coating was used to feather each vertical face. The feathering process used 100mm wide tape which was then tied in on all circumferential regions using ViscoWrap ST 300mm wide tape.

As the final step for the SUMP Assembly, Denso PVC Tape was applied for below-ground mechanical protection using the same wrapping principles as ViscoWrap ST.

The MSCL Pipe Application was a less complex system to apply as the wrapping only needed to cover the field joints and elbows of the pipe. This application began with surface preparation to an SSPC-2 standard (same as the SUMP Assembly).

Denso Primer D was then applied by brush. After the primer was allowed to tack off, Densopol 60HT was applied beginning and ending with a full circumferential overlap whilst maintaining a 55% (double-layer) from start to finish.

This project is one of many that Denso expect to be involved with as part of the Minns Road, Greater Western Water development project.