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Oyster Farm Reaps the Benefits of Denso Tape

Woodstown Bay Shellfish (WBS) Ltd, based in the South East of Ireland, run one of Ireland’s largest oyster growing and exporting companies. The family-owned business uses several tractors on an inter-tidal area of Woodstown Beach where the oysters are farmed in the ‘A’ class waters of the Waterford Estuary. The oysters are harvested by the tractors and trailers and transported back to the WBS factory in Dunmore East Harbour for processing.

In order to protect critical parts of the machinery from the corrosive marine environment, and to make sensitive electronics watertight, WBS Ltd have found that Denso Tape performs better than anything else they have tried over more than 20 years. Its versatile nature, along with being long-lasting and easy-to-apply in less than ideal application conditions, makes it an extremely reliable and cost-effective solution to WBS Ltd’s problems.

Winn and Coales (Denso) Ltd are leaders in corrosion prevention and sealing technologies and have been supplying Denso Tape for 90 years. This application demonstrates how effective Denso Tape is when used in harsh environments and in unusual application situations.