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Port of Townsville Berth 10A

Subsea & Splash Zone Coatings

Project Data

LocationPort of Townsville, Queensland
Asset OwnerPort of Townsville Limited
ProductsSeaShield Series 100™

The Port of Townsville Berth 10A is a multi user berth. A 2020 extension consisting of the construction of a secondary wharf enabled larger car carriers to utilities a Roll-On-Roll-Off (RORO) operations, giving greater versatility to the Berth. 

Denso’s SeaShield™ Series 100 System was selected to protect 8 x 813mm OD piles due to the sheltered nature of the inner harbour. The Series 100 system is very user-friendly during application with jackets being cut to desired size and being secured by 19mm rigid strapping and low profile buckles using a dedicated hand tool. 

The pile/soffit interface was protected by applying SeaShield™ Primer, Marine Piling Tape and Ultraflex 1500 to the upper 300mm of the pile prior to pouring of the deck, effectively ‘locking in’ the corrosion prevention material between the pile surface and the new deck. The SeaShield™ Series 100 System was then applied over the whole splash zone with coverage ranging from 3-5m. 

This was a very successful application showcasing an effective protection of the pile/soffit interface and will ensure extended service life of the new expanded section of wharf. The selected contractors for this project were Pacific Marine Group (