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Protal ST Epoxy Coating for Shed Floor

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In 2022, Denso’s Business Development Manager David Towns was approached by a local Diesel mechanic who had previously experienced the Protal ST Epoxy used on his factory workshop floor. This client was hoping to achieve a similar result on his shed floor.

The Protal ST Epoxy serves as a particularly excellent choice for such applications as its coating boasts a dry film thickness of approx. 500 microns and is renowned for its excellent adhesion. This ensures that any chips that may occur when tools or engine components fall to the floor, do not allow the coating to undercut or continue to
de-laminate and is easily repaired.

Two coats of Protal ST Epoxy were applied for this project resulting in a very happy returning customer who is assured that his shed floor not only looks great, but is well protected long term.