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Water Tank Base Protection

Industrial Linings and Coatings

Project Data

LocationMelbourne, VIC
Asset OwnerMelbourne Water
ProductsDenso Steelcoat™ Tankbase Protection System

Melbourne Water is building new infrastructure in the areas of Kalkallo, Beveridge, Bald Hill and Yan Yean to meet the growing demand for water in the northern and western suburbs of Greater Melbourne. As part of the infrastructure expansion, a new water tank was built at the top of Bald Hill, Kalkallo.

Tank base areas are prone to corrosion as air and rain-borne salt particles accumulate over time. The particles work their way down the walls to the base of the tank where they form a corrosive electrolyte. This electrolyte, having nowhere else to go, results in electrochemical corrosion around the circumference, at the point where it sits on its concrete base.

The Denso Steelcoat™ Tankbase Protection System (TBP) was selected to protect the 36.8m diameter tank (115m circumference) The system consists of Denso™ Hi-Tack Primer, Densyl™ Mastic, Denso™ Hi-Tack Tape, Denso Butyl Primer, Denso Steelgard 400 Tape & Denso Acrylic Topcoat.

Denso’s TBP system has been developed over many years of experience and will provide long-term protection to Melbourne Water’s asset. The contractors installing the system received onsite training and accreditation prior to application of TBP materials.