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3LPE Yellow Jacket Pipe Denso Bore-Wrap Application

Buried Coatings

Project Data

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ProductsDenso Bore-Wrap™, Denso™ Butyl Tape System (S43/R23)

Denso Australia has recently had its innovative Bore-Wrap™ and Denso™ Butyl Tape System (S43-R23) products utilised by an internationally recognised contractor on behalf of one of the nation’s largest energy decision makers.

The two products were used on a high-pressure gas distribution main spanning 92 km in total length. The pipeline has been in service for just over 30 years but is now anticipated to have a service life of upwards of 60 years.

The works undertaken by the contractor utilising Denso’s Bore-Wrap and Butyl Tape System (S43-R23) were localised to a 3 km length of pipe. The pipe was comprised of steel with tri-laminate coating and was 200mm in diameter and 6.35 WT.