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Steelcoat Tank Base Protection System (TBP)

A tape and liquid coating combination system for protecting the base area of aboveground steel storage tanks.

The Denso Steelcoat Tank Base Protection System is a combined tape and liquid coating system designed for the protection of the external base area of aboveground steel storage tanks.

The bases of aboveground storage tanks (AST) present highly corrosive conditions. ASTs can accumulate significant quantities of atmospherically deposited salt particles. Rainwater or moisture run-off from the walls will transport these deposits to the base of the AST, which can cause corrosion in the periphery of the tank base, the weld area, lower wall and underside of the tank base. Any seals installed to the base at time of construction can degrade or become damaged by tank movement, making them ineffective against corrosion.

The system encapsulates the circumference of the tank base with a flexible but tough outer-armouring which is also highly weather resistant.

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  • Encapsulates the circumference of the tank base with a tough, highly weather resistant seal
  • Remains flexible with cyclic movement caused by emptying and filling the tank
  • Easy to apply with no need for excavation, lifting, blast cleaning or other disruption
  • Rapid installation, no delay for curing
  • Long-lasting & cost effective
  • Can be applied to new and existing tanks
  • Subject to operating temperatures, the system is suitable for use on all aboveground storage tanks, including those with slab or ringwall foundations

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